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Welcome to the new site!

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Well what can I say? After 11 years I've actually gotten around to doing something new with this site.. I've been toying with the idea of making bigredlimo.com  a blog for several years but wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it my personal site as it has been all these years or turn it into something limo-centric. So, I took the easy route and did both!  Welcome to the all new BigRedLimo.com! This site is for all things limo along with my personal ramblings and muse. With over 10 years worth of articles, pictures, stories, tips, and countless other forms of media, this site will never grow stale. 

Just a quick background for those that don't know me (you can read more in the "About" section too).. My name is Tim and I'm a longtime technophile and limousine lover..  I've been fascinated with the limo business for nearly 20 years but have worked almost exclusively in the high tech field except for a few years following 9/11.  During that time I had the priveledge of operating one the largest limo services in Texas and served as the President of the Dallas/Fort Worth Limousine Association from 2002 to 2005... My dream is to be able to "retire" and go back into the limo business full time as soon as humanly possible.  More about that later.. :-)

You might ask what exactly does a big red limo have to do with anything?  Quick story short, the car you see at the top of this page is the real deal.. my pride and joy..  a gorgeous, classic 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood limousine.. She was painted neon-orange when I got her back in 1998 so I quickly had her repainted a very dignified and stately Porsche red.. ;-)  Read more about the real Big Red Limo in upcoming blogs.

Old Big Red Limo logo

So there it is, welcome back to all of the old schoolers that have been visiting the original site all these years and an extra big welcome to all of our new visitors.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments any time you like!



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